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If you want to hire an insurance assessor for your claims, get in touch with our team at Pearsons Claims. 

Get an experienced loss assessor on your side

日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 is a firm of professional insurance assessors who act on the claimant’s behalf. When you hire us, rest assured that we will negotiate with the insurance company's loss adjusters to ensure that you get exactly what the Terms and Conditions of your policy document state. While an insurance company will eagerly sell you insurance cover promising the earth, the promises tend to fall short in the event of a claim because that’s when you come to fully understand those 'Terms and Conditions'. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, and have dealt with cases from £5,000 to over £1,000,000, specialising in both Domestic and Commercial Claims.

Insurance claims management specialists

Loss adjusters work for the insurance company and are sent in to verify your claim. They are supposed to be independent and impartial; however, as the old saying goes, “The one who pays the piper calls the tune”. We, at 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图, are aware that not everyone knows the most effective way to make a claim on their insurance policy. It may sound like a simple process: fill in a claim form, present it to your insurers and they will issue a cheque to you. Unfortunately, it’s rarely as straightforward as that for any size claim. The insurance company must establish to what extent a loss is covered by your policy, and to this end, the loss adjuster is brought in to deal with all sorts of complex issues you may have never even thought of. The spiral of questioning can seem unnecessary and unending, and may even be quite upsetting. However, we, as insurance assessors, simply turn the tables and negotiate the claim on your behalf. We can’t promise you more money than your policy allows, but we will certainly ensure that you get what is rightfully yours under the terms and conditions of your insurance. We are not in the business of creating unrealistic expectations, rather, we would like to relieve you of certain unwelcome onuses, and return you to the position you enjoyed prior to your loss.

representation of theft

We will assist you with insurance claims resulting from:

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"Mr Ashok - thank you ever so much for doing a wonderful job in settling our 'long awaited' claim. I was beginning to give up hope, but you worked a miracle, well done! Many thanks again."
- Mr Raj
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