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Claim management services based in North West London with a national coverage

If you are a victim of burglary and wish to claim on your insurance, our claim assessors can help. Get in touch with 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 based in Pinner offering a nationwide coverage,  today. 

Assessing burglary and theft claims

If your home has been burgled, stop! Don’t touch anything. Naturally, you must first call the police, because you need them to try to recover your stolen valuables, but you should also call 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图. With most burglaries, there is little chance of recovering your stolen goods, which is where your insurance policy comes in to play. As your claim's assessor, we will help you claim  on your insurance and receive the amount you deserve as per the Terms and Conditions of your Policy. 
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The insurance company’s loss adjuster will eventually visit you, but a loss assessor at Pearsons Claims will come hard on the heels of the police to take photographs and details before everything is tidied up. It is essential to get expert advice and assessment as soon as possible after the theft in order for your claim to be completely successful.
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We appreciate that burglary is not just a loss of material possessions, but an invasion of your privacy, and therefore as much an emotional upheaval as a physical one. Consequently, it is highly recommended you have someone who is sensitive to all your needs take on the process of making your claim and deal with what might seem to be an intrusive investigation by a loss adjuster.New paragraph
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Our task

Pearsons Claims will take on the task of getting the best settlement possible for you, while you get on with your daily life without the worry and hassle of dealing with your insurance company’s loss adjusters in their determination to reduce the extent of your claim. This can be quite a harrowing and exasperating experience for the claimant who is already trying to adjust to a great emotional disturbance and financial loss.
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Other considerations

Pearsons Claims will assess your needs not only regarding the immediate loss of goods but also in terms of any damage due to break-in. We will liaise with contractors to ensure any repairs are carried out as necessary. We will then arrange for the costs of these services to be included in your claim.
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Why it’s worth it

A loss assessor knows just as much about the insurance business as a loss adjuster, but the loss adjuster works for the insurance company, and the loss assessor works for you. At 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图, we charge only a percentage of the settlement you receive, but what you get for that is really two things for the price of one:
  • An insurance pay out usually greater than you would receive by yourself
  • Relief from the hassle and headaches of not only sudden inconvenience and loss, but painstaking financial reparation, too.
If you wish to discuss your case with our team, call us as soon as possible after the loss or damage.
Claim for loss as a result of a burglary
Mr Ashok - thank you ever so much for doing a wonderful job -settling our 'long awaited' claim. 
I was beginning to give up hope but you worked a miracle, well done, many thanks again.
Mr Raj  
Bespoke Personal Service with Results!
"Mr Ashok - thank you ever so much for doing a wonderful job in settling our 'long awaited' claim. I was beginning to give up hope, but you worked a miracle, well done! Many thanks again."
- Mr Raj
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