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Fire and smoke damage insurance claims

A fire in your home is a very serious matter and the loss of personal possessions and damage to your property can be highly distressing. A fire may not only damage goods and building structures, but also render your home or business premises completely uninhabitable. At 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图, we will arrange alternative, temporary accommodation for you and will also help you in managing your claim from start to finish. Get in touch with our team today.

Getting on with daily life

You will need to get on with your daily life without the worry and hassle of dealing with your insurance company’s loss adjusters in their determination to verify the full extent of your claim. This can be quite a harrowing and exasperating experience for the claimant who is already trying to adjust to an upheaval in their life. 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 relieves you of this onus. We will assess your needs not only regarding the immediate loss of goods and building damage but also in terms of repair and restoration, liaising with all contractors (such as builders, plumbers or surveyors) as may be necessary. We will then arrange for the costs of these services to be included in your claim.
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We will help you with:

  • Instructing chartered surveyors for a detailed survey of the damage.
  • Appointing to contractors subject to your approval.
  • Preparing a detailed inventory of your home’s contents and personal possessions affected by the fire for insurers. 
  • Completing the documentation 
  • Meeting the loss adjuster appointed by your insurance company and handle all questions and negotiations.
  • Managing the restoration of your property to your complete satisfaction.
Claim for fire damage insurance
Call our team at 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 for all your claim management-related work now on 020 8868 4349 in Pinner, Middlesex.
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