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Property damage insurance claims across the UK

Do you require the help of a loss assessor to assess the property damage caused by subsidence? If yes, get in touch with our team at 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图.

Subsidence damage

If you suspect that cracks in your walls and ceilings are due to more than just the age of the plaster, you might have to embark on a lengthy and distressing ordeal to prove to your insurance company that you have a valid claim on your cover for subsidence. At 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图, we take on the task of getting the best settlement possible for you, while you get on with your daily life without the worry and hassle of dealing with your insurance company loss adjusters which can otherwise be quite a stressful time for you.
dirty and damaged wall

Before you can claim

You can’t wait for your property to start crumbling around you before rescuing your life’s major investment, so you need all the surveyors’ reports and testing results compiled as quickly as possible. You also need to know what tests to have done and who can do them, and to make sure you have covered all the insurance company’s strict requirements regarding assessment by correctly qualified personnel. And all this is before you can make the claim! 
damaged building while constructing

After the claim

This means you are responsible for all the costs that lead to merely establishing the claim. Only then can the cost of underpinning the foundations be considered. And not only that, you must be sure that the strengthening work is carried out properly, and that the signs of the subsidence are not just covered up in the hope that no one will notice. It happens! Later, you might want to sell your house, and a prospective buyer’s surveyor discovers the problem has actually worsened.
claim settlement form

Settling the claims

Bring in 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 to take care of everything from start to finish. We are experienced loss assessors who know all about the requirements of insurance companies and the areas in which they may not be inclined to give claimants exactly what seems to be due under the policy agreement. We will liaise with qualified surveyors and assess the subsidence to arrange for the costs of these services to be included in your claim. If your business is unable to function due to the process of underpinning, then you also need to make sure your settlement goes some way towards covering the cost of business interruption. We will take the headache out of all these extra concerns by taking them on your behalf.
discussing with the expert

We will assist you in:

  • Arranging alternative accommodation
  • Meeting with your insurance company’s loss adjuster
  • Instructing a geotechnical survey, where necessary
  • Obtaining CCTV surveys from one of our approved drainage contractors
  • Completing the documentation around your subsidence damage insurance claim
  • Obtaining competitive estimates from our panel of insurance approved contractors
Subsidence damage claims
For all you property damage insurance claims, contact 日本黄色三级电影,诱惑动态图 in Pinner, Middlesex on 020 8868 4349 today.
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